On January 1, 2012 I started creating a minimal composition based on geometric shapes – every day, published immediately on this Tumblr blog.

After  1½ years and 512 posts I’m taking things a bit more slowly. From now on I will publish in batches I call „seasons“, in the usual daily manner. I have yet to decide when the next season starts. In the meantime, please flip through the archive! If you want, you can get limited edition silkscreen prints, digital prints of (nearly) all compositions, T-Shirts and Downloads. Or read these my three blog posts: My Workflow, The First Year, The Story behind the T-Shirts.

How are they done?
Although they look like real prints on paper, everything is done digitally in vector and bitmap design software. 

How do I follow Geometry Daily?
If you use Tumblr, follow Geometry Daily by clicking the Follow button in the upper right. Become a fan of the Facebook page. Subscribe to the RSS feed. Follow @Tilman on Twitter, every artwork will be posted there as well (among other things).

Who are you?
Tilman, an interaction and graphic designer living and working in and near Nuremberg, Germany. I normally work at a creative agency called The Warriors of the Light. I also teach interaction design at the local University of Applied Sciences.

Why are you doing this?
I love it. I get a serious flow when I draw simple shapes, combine them and experiment until they start to “sing”. I’m a designer with all my heart. It’s an experiment. A journey into a world of possibilities.
Also I am currently taking a year off of “normal” agency design work. Until September 2012 I stay at home and look after my two little kids while my wife returned to her full-time job. Doing this graphics project besides my dad duties will keep me on my designer’s toes.

Why geometry?
I love geometry. Lines, curves, rectangles, circles, triangles are a simplification of our real world but also their building blocks. Geometry, like physics or mathematics, defines how our world is constructed. I find endless beauty in this construction. I see god in there.

Why minimal?
These days our lives are full of noise and complex dependencies. Many strive for simplicity. Me too. I want to concentrate on the relevant things. That is why I like to concentrate on one idea and execute it straight-forward. No fuss. Hopefully that makes it more powerful. Also for me as a creative it is interesting to see how much effort I have to put into the artworks to make something unique but also as simple as possible. It is not a restriction, it sparks my creativity.

Why this analog paper and dirt?
I hate the look of vector graphics right out of illustrator. Of course I like my graphic works, but the clean and perfect look of digitally generated shapes are boring, cheap and have no connection to the real world. On the other hand I would not be able to make a real print every day, that would be too much work. That is why I chose to process the graphics in Photoshop to make them (at least) look like real prints on paper. Not too much grunge-ness and effect, just a small pint of reality. You can find more details in this blog post.

I have seen something like this before!
I bet you did. Many artists and designers have worked in this field before. From Piet Mondrian to Josef Albers, Frank Stella and many others.

Can I purchase prints, t-shirts, stickers, etc.?
Yes, you can purchase prints! You can get digital on-demand prints of nearly all graphics at Society6 and limited edition silkscreen prints from myself. I’m working on t-shirts currently.

I still have a question!
Do not hesitate to write me. I am a nice guy. Come to my digital playground at tint.de. Follow @Tilman on Twitter. Write a mail to Tilman@tint.de or friend me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!